Clinics with Daryl

We welcome inquiries for participation in any of the clinics scheduled.  Contact the clinic coordinators at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  We now have clinic packages to support people who want to organize a clinic in your area!  

Daryl’s Horsemanship, Problem Solving & Colt Starting clinics offer every participant new insight into their horses behaviours and positive encouragement to continue their goals of learning how to treat a horse like a horse!

Daryl's horse training techniques are people pleasers - and more importantly "horse pleasers" too!  Combination clinics are the most popular and feature colt starting in the morning, with riders starting after the colt starting is finished.  ALL participants are expected / encouraged to attend all day as every aspect of Daryl's clinics offer valuable insight into horse behaviour.  "Tune In to Your Horse" is the motto of each clinic as participants learn to read horse behaviour and body language, taking home skills and knowledge to continue their journey.  This schedule flexibility adds to the experience for participants who are wanting to spend their day watching, learning & taking part in the whole event. Confidence building, greater understanding of the dynamics of horse behaviour and horse-human relationships are taught and practised at the clinics.

Which Class is Right for Me?

Over the years Daryl's clinics have evolved to encompass many aspects of teaching and each clinic tends to develop according to the needs of the group.  Assessments with horse and rider individually occur on the first day, followed by discussion surrounding goals and specific areas of concern with each horse & rider team. Private lessons may be booked within each clinic.  Below is a brief description of Daryl's clinics.

Ground School ~ The Principles of Horse Training

Working from the ground up can be an "underutilized" OR "overutilized" aspect of horse training.  Done right, ground work can make the biggest differences for horse and rider.  This clinic will demonstrate why it is so important to start off with basic principles of training your horse.  A strong, fundamental relationship on the ground will transfer success right to the saddle.

The goal with groundwork is to strengthen and maintain a stable bond with your horse, to create confidence and trust with both horse and rider.  Daryl will show participants how to recognize the horse's body language, how to interpret responses to pressure and stimulus in a given situation.  You will work on yielding to pressure with physical aids such as flags, hands, lead ropes and halters.  All this work will help you develop, or solve issues with, tying, leading and even trailering your horse safely.

This clinic will teach you to use your body and cues to communicate with your horse, to set boundaries that are defined by the air space between you and your horse, and the important yield and reward as you develop lightness and feel.

Colt Starting ~ Introduction to a Building a Working Relationship

This clinic focuses on horses that may or may not have been handled or worked.  Emphasis is placed on preparation for the first ride.  Daryl offers a unique approach to colt starting from horseback.  Riding his own horses during the initial introduction to work provides both comfort and leadership for the colts.  Working colts first with his horse, then from the ground, Daryl helps each horse progress through the stages of understanding how to find release from pressure.  Gentling and stress free saddling occur at a pace that is based on each individual horse.  Be prepared for a wealth of information on reading horse behaviour as Daryl spends plenty of time explaining the process.  You will take home a better understanding of how to develop a working relationship with your horse.  We can't end this description without cautioning participants about expectations for this clinic.  It's just 4 days!  Working with young horses is a journey each participant will need to continue long after the clinic ends.

Not for novice horse handlers.  Novice horse handlers need to attend Ground School in advance of Colt Starting.

ABC's Horsemanship ~ Starting on the Ground, Progressing to the Saddle

For novice riders, green horses & confidence building, this 3 or 4 day skill building clinic will add tools to your toolbox.  If you don't have control of your horse on the ground, you will most certainly be "out of control" in some way, under saddle.  You may ride for a little while before the wheels come off the bus but it will happen.  This clinic has participants working in small groups learning pressure and release methods designed to set respectful boundaries and the framework for riding.  Daryl's coaching will enable participants and audience to gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to build a solid, saddle horse of any discipline.  Each clinic will start the day with a group discussion identifying specific participants goals or problems, progressing through ground school and then working under saddle.  Plenty of "Tune In To Your Horse" support from Daryl Gibb through all these levels will help build the foundation of a successful working relationship with your horse.  Private sessions available upon request.

Horsemanship & Problem Solving ~ Influencing Your Horse's Behaviour in a Positive Way

Is your horse disrespectful, hard to catch, shying, balking, barn sour or have trailer loading problems?  Participants at this clinic who are experiencing challenging behaviour issues with their horses will learn behaviour modification and habituation.  Horses have genetically-coded behaviour responses to stimuli and personalities that are unique to each horse.  Some horses are confident, some are not, just like people.  Participants will gain a deeper insight into understanding where their horse's behaviour is stemming from ~ fear, disrespect, or lack of training & communication between horse & rider.  Discussion at the beginning of each day will help plan the work to be done each day.  Participants are expected to attend all day and can expect to be working with their horses for several hours at a time.

Participants in this clinic should have some prior understanding of equine behaviour and some confidence in working through the issues with Daryl's support.  This is a very candid clinic about what creates problems in horses and what it takes to fix it.  Initial assessment by participants in advance of this clinic should be a review of teeth, health, pain issues and saddle & equipment fit.

Working Cow Clinics ~ Coming Soon 

7 Day Colt Starting

This clinic is held over a period of one month, scheduled on weekends.  The first clinic will be 3 days in length, Friday thru Sunday.  The next two clinics will be two weeks apart, held on Saturday & Sunday. 

5 Day & 10 Day Colt Starting & Horsemanship Camps

These clinics will be 5 consecutive days in a row.  10 day clinicis will be held over two consecutive weeks with one weekend off in between.


Most of our venues are capable of providing room for spectators through most of the clinic.  Spectators should understand that these can be long, outdoor days and should bring their own chair, food, water, sunscreen, hats and coats.  Consider your comfort and weather conditions to allow you to focus on the clinic experience.  Spectators may ask questions only when invited to do so as emphasis is placed on Daryl's attention to participants.  Spectators should understand that some of the work with horses will take place while the group is out riding OFF the property and spectating is not possible.

Clinic Fees

Spectator - $25/day

Colt Starting - Starting at $110/day or $400 for 4 day clinic

Colt Starting 7-Day Weekender - Starting at $650/horse

Colt Starting 5-Day Consecutive - Starting at $500/horse

Colt Starting 10-Day Consecutive - Starting at $950/horse

Private Session at Clinic (only 2 Spots available each day of clinic) - $80

ABC's Horsemanship Clinic - Starting at $85/day up to 6 horses and $80/day for groups +6

Horsemanship & Problem Solving - Starting at $90/day up to 6 horses and $85/day for groups +6

All prices are expected to change based on travelling distance from Central Okanagan, B.C.  Your clinic coordinator will have increased rates posted to reflect travel costs for Daryl.



Daryl Gibb,

Cawston, B.C.

 T:  250-499-1005