About Daryl

DSC00421Daryl Gibb has been training horses for over 25 years and long ago gained the reputation of being very successful with "problem horses".  Over time, Daryl has come to realize that "problem horses" come with untrained owners.  So while he was able to successfully train or re-train horses, once home, horses quickly became "problem horses" again.  Daryl has recognized that in order to provide horses with the best chance of success, he needed to learn to train owners too.  He has worked very hard to develop his skills as a horse trainer and clinician, to better reach the people who invariably go home with the horse.

Daryl teaches people how to think more like a horse and to treat horses more like horses, instead of like people.  His positive attitude towards people boosts confidence while helping everyone learn that respect between the horse and rider must be mutual.  He teaches people to recognize that they will get out of horses what they put into them; that the more time and effort you put in, the more rewards in return.

Daryl has become well-known for easily accepting each rider and their horse just as they are' and helps the rider find success with their chosen discipline, no matter what it is.  His quiet confidence engages horse owners and his encouragement allows people to feel supported and valued for the skills they do have.  He hopes to help people open their eyes, and their minds, to see horses for what they are - horses; and how to work with them more successfully for the partnership that is desired.

1005143 10151450987542181 513200961 nWhen asked, Daryl mentions two people who have greatly influenced him over the years.  On two occasions, Daryl has had the opportunity to spend time with Tom Dorrance in California.  He feels very fortunate to have met Tom and gained as many insights about horses as he did about the people that own them.  Tom planted seeds of thought for Daryl, most memorable was encouraging Daryl to "let the horses teach you."  Tom Dorrance has taught Daryl to be accepting, confident and to help set up the horse to be successful. Daryl knows there is no magic and no secrets to horses, just treat them like horses.

In 2009, Daryl spent a month with Ray Hunt in Texas.  The time was spent starting colts, doing ranch work and swinging a leg over numerous young horses.  Ray Hunt always put the horses first, and was well known for encouraging people to "Let horses be horses."  Daryl agrees. 

Daryl grew up on a southern Manitoba grain farm.  While his friends were riding motorcycles, Daryl was riding horses.  After high school, he attended the Olds College Farm & Ranch Production.  He has been in the South Okangan for 20 years.  One of his most inspirational friends is Jim Freeman, Canadian Champion Bullrider. 

Today, Daryl is often heard saying he continues his work "for the horses".  His focus is now on offering as many clinics as possible - hoping to reach more horses by teaching more people.



Daryl Gibb,

Cawston, B.C.


 T:  250-499-1005